Our school makes monthly excursions (Theatre, visits and participation in interactive educational programs in museums, educational programs in nature). We also invite notable groups to give educational performances or present educational activities within the school grounds.

Vegetable garden

In our small vegetable garden children plant seeds and vegetable plants according to the season. The care and observation of their development help children to become familiar and appreciate the goods of the earth.

Easter fete

A great celebration with theatre, games, raffles, constructions and of course homemade food and sweets, aiming at the coming together and the cooperation of family and school as we collect money for charity.


Our school organizes the following celebrations every year:

Christmas celebration

A small, tender celebration, full of the meaning of Christmas, just for the children and the school staff. (without the presence of parents).


Based on the key theme we are working on throughout the year, the children together with their parents use their imagination to create their own costumes. On the day of the carnival party, we host theatre, puppet theatre performances or entertainment programs with animators, which is a provision of the school.

Summer show

The “closure” of a busy and creative year where teachers and children collaborate to present our end of year show, based on the theme we all work with throughout the year. Gathering the materials, ideas and emotions of the school year they all come together as a show to remember in a celebration – performance where all of us (children, teachers, parents) really enjoy.
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