Our philosophy /

Our philosophy /

Our philosophy

“If we want children to learn successfully now and in the future, we MUST TEACH THEM to think for themselves, solve problems and coexist with others. These skills are acquired WHEN children are encouraged to actively explore the environment, solve real problems that make sense to them and work with others to complete tasks.


Dodge & Colker, 1998

Our initial goal is to create and maintain a relationship of safety & trust with each child and extend that to their family environment. A close school- family relationship is vital for us, as parents are considered partners in the school.

Our aim is to strengthen and encourage a child’s abilities to cultivate their physical, spiritual, emotional and social skills. Together with the children we take advantage of their pre-existing experiences (past), focus on their emerging skills (present) and plan for their potential abilities (future).

We reinforce the creation of capable, dynamic, determined and optimistic children through the cultivation of their abilities so that:

they can develop relationships with mutual respect (socialization)
they can be open to many experiences and try
they can treat problems as a challenge and solve them
they can cultivate their autonomy and self-confidence

And all the above “heavy-handed” and very important for the life of a child, are learnt through play (free and organized).



Greek-French and Greek-English section. Holding the hand of the little child we welcome them to their first out-of-family environment with a lot of love and care, acknowledging their natural need for exploration and understanding of the new world that lies before them. Through a variety of sensory activities, we help the child to discover the surrounding area and to feel safe and confident. All of the above happen in two languages simultaneously, hence enriching their expressive and linguistic ability.


Greek-French and Greek-English section Through play in a safe and organized environment the children at this age discover different concepts, emotions and complex situations. They learn to collaborate and share, develop their gross and fine motor skills, they are encouraged to use their initiative and develop their language skills in both languages.


Our school cooperates with the Greek-French School Evgenios Delacroix in Agia Paraskevi, as an official member of the kindergarten network with which it is connected. Greek and Greek-French section. Through the programme we implement, we promote the all-round development of the children. Given that young children learn better through experience and activity that make sense to themselves and their lives outside of school, they build new knowledge on existing experiences. We cultivate opportunities for organized exploration and research, as well as for dialogue and collaboration that expands thinking, encourages reflection and thus the broader concept of learning.
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