They said about us

They said about us

“A diverse group of experienced, dedicated and loving teachers create a special school. It’s a really good choice for parents who believe in self-improvement, promoting learning through play, think globally and have kindness and care for others as core values.”


“A school that honors the diversity of its students’ backgrounds, promotes interpersonal and emotional development and creates real opportunities and stimuli for our children to be inspired and learn. We are and will always be grateful to have found a family in Play & Learn.”

Xenia and Marios

“The longest and most loving hug! Play and Learn was the place where our baby started in nappies and became a happy, social child, developed his personality and loved school as a place and learning as a concept! A big thank you to everyone at the school that became our child’s second home.  Hope all future choices we make for our child are as positive as this one. We love you lots and we will miss you.”


“Play and Learn was my kindergarten in 1985 and I still have the best memories. I didn’t have to think for a second when it was time to pick a school for my kids! It’s a school where all the kids are happy and smiling, something you see and feel from the moment you walk into school.”


“After 6 years at Play & Learn it’s time to say farewell, but not say goodbye. Everyone who’s been through this school knows very well that even when your kids leave here nothing changes, because this school is now part of our lives, it’s part of our family. I feel immense gratitude to Susan, but also to all the people who make up the soul of this school, for the love, care and devotion they show to our children. They made children strong, social, sensitive and emotionally balanced, always respecting their personality and their peculiarities. They gave them all those important and great things that will accompany them on the long journey of their lives. Thank you all.”


“As an expatriate family living in Greece, our friends had spoken to us in the best words about Play & Learn. When it was our turn to enroll our children at school, it was clearly the right choice for us from the beginning.  Play and Learn provided not only a high level of language education, especially in french, which was our main pedagogical goal, but also excellent teachers and staff who provided a healthy and happy family environment, where our children prospered, made friends and prepared properly for primary school. Αs parents, we felt personal relationship with Susan and her team and our experience helped us to integrate further into the Greek community. We felt confident about the educational, extracurricular, and other services provided by the school. Indeed, we will certainly always remember this family experience and wish the Play & Learn team all the best.”

Ghida and Yasser

Play and Learn is a warm and pleasant environment. Susan’s experience was the important start to educating two generations of students in our family. I thank her for her great heart and I wish her and her team to continue to be successful for many years to come.


“Play and Learn is the extension of my home. When my third child graduates, I’m going to have withdrawal syndrome. I will continue to come and share my worries and joys with the teachers. My children learned through play all the basic skills they need to go through life. They always came home happy. Susan is a teacher with a capital “T” .  I feel really lucky that my kids stood on their own two feet in Play and Learn.”


“They say the first six years of a child’s life are the most important. Nicholas spent three of these years in Play and Learn and I think it was the best thing for him. Play & Learn allows in an unparalleled way, every child to grow up with limits, with confidence, to become autonomous while playing and inexhaustibly discovering himself and the world around him.”


“The best school! Full of unforgettable memories, good friends and teachers!”

Nicholas Nabil

“I discovered Play and Learn during a nursery school search in Kifissia. What I was looking for was a second mother, a second hug for my child and a place where I could trust to leave my child for the first time with someone else. The teachers who offered warmth and security and also had the knowledge I was looking for.  Play and Learn  became my second home when my other two children followed the first one. The school’s approach to child development suited my character and the parenting seminars helped me a lot. My children’s craft involved such creativity that I still keep them as precious treasures. Just as important is the multicultural and open spirit that characterizes  Susan and her team, which is truly unique. I hope they will always have the power in their minds and souls to keep their vision alive, to create and inspire in a free and open environment.”


“We have three children and we have brought all three to Play and Learn. That says it all. We started looking for a preschool where the children would go on with their English (it’s bilingual English – Greek). At Play & Learn we found this and much more. Susan wins you over from the first meeting and her philosophy of educating children is pervasive in her love for them. She knows every child, regardless of their age and class, not only by name but also their character, their concerns and their strengths. The teachers around her perfectly complement this wonderful climate of affection and development of the child’s personality at the same time. We have worked closely with four of Susan’s associates and each one won and vindicated our trust. Our eldest son started primary school this year in a Greek school and was perfectly prepared, not only “academically”, but also equipped to adapt immediately to the new environment without sacrificing his personality. One thing saddens us, that in a few years our youngest child will have graduated from the warm embrace of Play and Learn.”


I must first say that I am very pleased to be given the opportunity to write what I have experienced through my three children, the four years in Play and Learn. All three of them are lively children, who constantly need to do something creative, but they also need someone to set boundaries for them. Not only did my wife and I find these things at Play and Learn, but we also helped identify them in the character of each of our young. In short, we learned our children better, working with the excellent, without exaggeration, teachers of the school, which helped us a lot in our domestic relations and balances. When we chose Play and Learn, after very extensive market research, the meeting with Susan played a catalytic role. I want to dwell on how this woman approaches people, be it a four-year-old or a demanding teacher like me. At our first meeting, in the spring of 2010, a French-speaking child had invaded her office asking for something in his language, something unthinkable in other “set-up” presentations of nearby private kindergartens. Susan untroubled, smiling, handled the mildly protesting child and then continued to present her work. However, the greatest proof of her work was seen in front of us, without brochures or demonstrations of spaces, in a meaningful relationship with the children. The core of all that was also shown in the following years with the socialization of our children, in the most painless and attractive transfusion of knowledge and in the cultivation of children’s skills. My eldest bilingual son (English – Greek) joined a public primary school this year without any problems. For all this I  give a big thanks from the heart  to Susan, Marianna, Helen, Martine, Parthena for the education they continue to give to my children.


“After looking at several schools in the area we ended up at  Play and Learn that we enrolled Joanna. What won us over was the smile and warmth of all the staff who didn’t seem to see it as a “job” but as an offer to the children.

Along the way we saw through the activities they had, that they were acquiring skills in a general context and not just academic knowledge  or just sitting around waiting until the parents picked  them  up in the afternoon. They encourage children according to their skills to develop them more, so Joanna having an ear for foreign languages proceeded with both English and French.

What we saw as parents through the years she spent there,  was a child that was happy, learning, playing and becoming sociable with her classmates but also outside of school.

Finally, I cannot help but mention the school shows and the bazaar which always had a very warm atmosphere and all the children and teachers showcased  excellent performances.

Thank you so much for the memories!

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